Nickname Registration with NickServ over IRC network

What is NickServ?

It is not only service but also command on IRC network use to maintain the uniqueness with their nickname.
If the user is register their nickname with Nickserv then no one can use that nickname, even registered user can claim if someone tries to do so.

Register nickname with NickServ

/msg NickServ help Shows all commands available with NickServ

Nick Help

To register nickname use following command

Nick Register

Activation mail will send to your email account. It is necessary to verify your account registration within one day otherwise nickname gets expire. Type following command as provided in mail:

Now you register your nickname successfully on IRC network.

To see all your details type /msg nickserv info all USERNAME is your nickname.
It will show following information( note: my nickname is smule)

Nick Register

Fixing Nickname collision

So cleaver client can use your nickname as alternative along with underscore, so to identify and remove your ghost from server ghost command is used.

/msg NickServ ghost password

If your ghost not exist on server then it will show message You may not ghost yourself.

To check status

/msg NickServ STATUS

To Change Email ID

/msg NickServ SET EMAIL

To Logout

/msg NickServ LOGOUT

To Login

/msg NickServ identify